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From Nothing to Profit - Matt Hoaglin and Kia Bondurant EPISODE 38, 24th June 2019
I learned so much from OFA

I learned so much from OFA

In this episode, Matt tells Kia about something new he’s doing and basically just lets you in on their private conversation. Over the previous 30 days, Matt did (at Sam’s suggestion), Russell Brunson’s 30 day challenge, One Funnel Away. Matt explains what a funnel is and how they work for your business. Everyday Matt would wake up excited to watch the newest video and implement the next step. Listen in to hear about “who” not “how”. Don’t miss the steps to building an irresistible offer for your clients. You’ll also want to hear the storytelling tips Matt learned. Want to know what the “Dream 100” means? This podcast is for you!

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[00:00] Welcome to from nothing to profit a photographer’s podcast with Matt and Kayak, where each week they talk to photographers about what is working in their business now so you can swipe those ideas and grow your business faster.

[00:17] Hey, everybody, welcome to the podcast. So this week I decided to do a little bit different or a podcast. I wanted to tell Kaya about something that I just did. And instead of just telling her like we would not normally call her and tell her, I decided that I would record this conversation because I think it would be super useful for you guys as well. So are you ready to hear about my new thing that I just did?

[00:38] Yes. I’m, I’m excited. And it is funny, before you even gave your introduction, I thought, you know, we should tell them that we would be having this conversation one way or the other. And so we’re letting them in on our own little conversation of, uh, something new that Matt’s doing that Kira wants to know,

[00:55] right? So basically what I would do is I just pick up the phone right now and I just be like, [inaudible] guess what? And then we would just start those exact conversation. Okay. So what I did over the last 30 days is I did Russell Brunson’s one funnel away challenge. So let me give you a little bit of backstory. So Russell Brunson is an online marketer, he’s really smart. I’ve, he’s been in my email box for like almost five years, but I feel like in the last like maybe two years, he’s like really hit a stride. He owns a company called Click funnels, which helps you build landing pages and stuff like that. But he does, he does a lot of the education around this, this type of stuff. So anyway, so my buddy Sam Marvin, who’s been on our podcast, sent me this link and he’s like, Hey, you should do this one funnel away.

[01:38] Challenge with me and yeah, and we’ll just do it together and it’ll be really fun. So I was like, all right, fine, I’ll do it. Right. And I literally like Kinda just like didn’t want to do it. But then I ended up doing it and it was so cool. So let me tell you kind of how it works and then I’ll tell you what I got from it. So basically like it’s a 30 day challenge where every morning he sends you a video that it’s all done like in Facebook and he sends you a video and then you watch it. And so he takes you through like building a marketing funnel for your business so you can build whatever you want, but he takes you through. So like the first week is believing that it’s going to work. And then the second it gets more and more tactical as it goes.

[02:13] And I’ll explain all that. So he does that. And so you’ve got a video and was so cool. It’s like, you know, like normally you wake up in the morning and you look at your phone anyways and you’re going get online. It was so cool to open up my phone and be able to go to Facebook and actually watch something that felt like it was getting my day going. And you know, was a lot of value to me. Which was really cool. In addition to that, you also get coaching from um, one of his uh, co owner Steven. And so his Steven’s like more high energy and he does like these Facebook lives in it. And then this lady Julie does like all the, like if you want to do the technology side of this, you do that. So anyway, so you get three people coaching you every day.

[02:48] I did most of the Russell stuff, I did some of the Stevens stuff and hardly any of the Julia stuff or Julie stuff. So anyways, you get that. So then he gives you a, he sends you a workbook, you can also just print PDFs off from online, but he sends you a workbook for all 30 days, which was amazing cause then it holds you accountable to, takes you step by step because everyday is like one small thing and it took me each day, took me about an hour to do. So I would get up out of watching the video, the first video, it’d be 15 minutes and then I had about 45 minutes of work to do when I got to work and it was awesome. It like set my day off perfectly. Um, he sends you some other stuff like and beach MP3 challenge and then one of the really cool bonuses that he sends.

[03:27] Um, and I’ll tell you about like what I got from the challenge, but one of the bonuses he sends his, he asks all the people that are really successful on click funnels, like what is, it’s called the two comma club, but basically people that have made $1 million in a funnel. He asked him a question and this is one of the bonuses he gives you. He says, what if you had to start completely over, what would you do for the first 30 days you were starting over if all you had was your current knowledge and a click funnels account. And so you look at these really awesome entrepreneurs that have built really amazing things and they say, okay, if I was going to start all over, this will be my 30 day plan and there’s like 20 of them that do this and I read through any sends you a book with that.

[04:07] Um, and then you also get interviews online with them included in this. And I, after I did the funnel, I started going through some of those and I’m like, oh my goodness. Yeah. Like there’s these little things that I should be doing on any day. Cause like you read like John Lee Dumas who runs entrepreneur on fire podcast, you’d read his, and on day seven he says do this. And I’m like, I could do that right now in my business. And it had helped my business. So anyways, that was a bonus. That was huge for me as well. So, um, let me know if you have any questions kind of, otherwise I’ll jump into kind of what, um, yes you can you, can you explain, I think we need to back up a little bit. Can you explain what a funnel is? Sure. So it’s basically just like a way, like a website type deal where it gets somebody into a specific products.

[04:52] So like all funnel on our business for example, is that the top of the funnel is somebody can download a what to wear guide for like senior pictures and then it takes them to the next step. So the next step is like, okay, you need to book a consultation. We know you downloaded the guide, so you’re interested in photography. The next step is the consultation and you just keep working. I’m all the way down. Most people have funnels built in their business one way or other. It’s like basically getting customers in to the final sale, but he just shows other ways to do an online versus like more traditional methods. So it’s,

[05:24] and did you use it for your portrait business then? Like you said, to get people into your like what to wear guides?

[05:32] Yeah. So when I did the challenge, I actually rebuilt my whole what to wear guide class for photographers. Okay. So I rebuilt that whole thing. But through that too, I’m tweaking stuff and Allison’s business at the photography business as well. But yeah, anybody can do it. You can be an author and do it. You could be a photographer, you can be a lawyer. It doesn’t really matter. It’s not industry specific at all. It’s like, okay, where are your customers at? Well, how can we attract them? How can we, you know, take them through the journey so they actually become good customers. So that makes sense. Yeah. Okay, great. That’s really good. Okay, so I’ll just kind of take you through this and um, and kind of explain it before I explain what all is in the challenge. And I don’t want to spend a ton of time because you’ll see it in the challenge.

[06:14] And by the way, this whole challenge, it’s $100. It’s just you get all that, all those bonuses and everything. I’ll put a link below. It’s just a hundred dollars. So yeah. And I’ll tell you there’s a catch to the $100 I’ll tell you about in a minute, which was an interesting journey for me. But here, here’s the other thing that’s really the reason why re visited Russell is cause I don’t know about them for years and I’ve done a bunch of his stuff but I started, so I did an audit a couple of weeks ago and and what I started looking at as I said, okay, I want to look at all the really successful photographers out there and I’m on to try to find some common threads that the all of them are doing. And what was so interesting to me that popped up is like I just made a list of like 25 photographers and I started doing a bunch of research on them and I called a few of them and I talked to a few of them and I would say over half of them, one of the things that was the most wasn’t, what’s common about them is they were working with Russell in some capacity, whether it was just going through his classes are reading his books and a few of them are paying like his 10 10 or $20,000 mastermind prices.

[07:14] And it was so interested in me and I’m like, okay, I need to revisit this. And then when Sam was like, you need to do this link, I was like, I don’t have time right now, but I was like, I’m going to do this because that’s the common thread anyways. And so I did it and it was really, really amazing. It was like one of the best hundred dollars over spend my life. Okay. So let me tell you kind of what he takes you through. So one of the things he talks about throughout the whole thing is he has this concept of who not how. And so he wants to say, who can help you do this instead of how do I actually figure out how to do it? And which is really cool because like you don’t have to do everything yourself. Like, okay, I, you know, I need graphics so who can help me build graphics instead of how do I figure out how to use end design to build these graphics?

[07:51] Which is cool. So that was one thing that was really good for me. The other thing that’s really huge in our business right now that he talked about that these are just fundamentals that just reminded me that I have to do this. He talks about if you make somebody a good enough offer that they can’t resist, they’ll probably buy. So we’re going back through, um, our photography business and we’re rebuilding all of our offers so that we’re not just offering like, you know, Oh, you just get a session with, you know, an hour with Alison. Like we’re going through and saying, okay, how can we build this offer? So it looks like it’s got tons of value in it and something that people actually want to buy. You know, so it’s like, okay, you can buy a senior session but you get are what to wear guide, you get our location guide, you know, you get this, get this and all this other stuff.

[08:33] And we actually like build the whole offer, you know, stack of stuff that they get. So they’re like, oh yeah, this is really cool. This is worth the money. So we’re doing that stuff. Um, then he goes through and teaches you how to build stories and like how to attract people using usually in storytelling so that they actually have vested interest in your business, which was good. And he has like a, I’m not going to go too much into this, but like an an empathy bridge story that tells people how you got where you got and stuff and it’s really good. He teaches you how to do that. And then from that he, from your stories, he helps you build like hooks and how to, how to like actually get people to stop scrolling online and actually look at your stuff, which is, which was really cool.

[09:17] And then you know, he helps you then after, after he does all that. So you now you have your offer of what you want to sell. You have your story on how you’re gonna sell it. You have your hooks, how to attract people than he actually helps you. Like figure out how to build the funnel so that you can actually get people in for them to sign up for, whether it’s consultations or a product or whatever it is. He helps you like organize that, which is really cool. So at the end of the 30 days you’re like, you have the whole thing built, which is pretty cool. There’s a lot of people that do this, uh, one funnel away challenge and they do it like every single month. So they’ve done it like 10 times. So they do it once and they do a product and then the next month they do it again when they do the next product they have to do, which is really cool.

[09:55] So I took this month off but I’ll definitely do it again for sure. And then the last part that he does, he talks about marketing and probably the, and again this is nothing that I haven’t seen or known or heard on stage, you know, in the photography industry, but you know, it’s good hearing it again and it’s really well organized and simple. But he talks about the dream 100 and how you need to make this list of a hundred people that you want to work with and you know, just start figuring out how to work with them in different capacities and stuff. Like that and that was really good. So, um, make the list of a hundred people and then when what you actually do is like the first 10 are really obvious, the next 20 are kind of silly. And then like the next 40 are actually really good things that you’ve brought in really good people you never thought about working with.

[10:35] And so you get to this point where you’re like, have a good list and then you can start reaching out to those people, either offering them the offer or just like going to have lunch with them are, you know, following online so you can see what they’re doing. So you can show up to their events or whatever it is. But you can start networking and you know that like, okay, these are the people, the a hundred people I kind of want to go after. And then the groups I want to hang out with, whether it’s for personal reasons, for business reasons or somewhere in between. Um, it’s really good. So anyways, 30 as a 30 day challenge. That was so, you know, just so good to hear some of the stuff. Again, it was so organized and so short and efficient, you know, it wasn’t taken up a ton of my time, like maybe reading a book does or doing one of these really big courses. And at the end I had, I had on my funnel rebill and I’m really proud of what, you know, my what to wear guide 2.0 classes as looks like now and I am just super, I’m just super excited about it. So, um, that, that’s kind of the general thing. Hey, on that note, let’s just take a quick break and we’ll be right back. Okay.

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[13:02] Tell me what questions you have that you think I missed and then they may just be a short episode.

[13:07] Yeah, no, not necessarily anything that you met you miss. But so, um, to go back a couple of things. One, the, the thing I like about it and when you first told me about it, the reason I was like, oh yeah, that sounds really interesting is the concept. Uh, you, I can’t remember exactly how to say it. It’s something that I’ve started hearing lately, but essentially, essentially, um, those who pay pay attention. And so this is a product that he may have been willing to give away for free to get people in, into his, you know, more expensive coaching. But because he’s having you pay, then you’re like, I spent $100, I’m going to do this every day. And so then

[13:49] let me, let me, and let me tell you a little bit more about that. [inaudible] that’s where I was going to go with those, which is so interesting. So it’s $100 and so I’ve known this for years, like digital marketer talks about all the time that like if you can get somebody to even give you a dollar, like it changes the, if fundamentally changes the relationship, you know, they no longer are a tire kicker or they’re actually a customer. Even if it’s just a dollar, they’ve taken out their money and given you a dollar, the relationship is fundamentally changed. So that’s what’s really interesting. But I’m very first video you pay and I’ll just give this disclaimer so everyone knows I would’ve put it in the show notes anyways, but he doesn’t keep the hundred dollars. So my hundred dollars that I went actually went to Sam. So he just gives us, so Sam sent me the link, clicked on the link, I paid $100 I went right back to Sam to re re re punish him for his hundred dollars that he had spent.

[14:38] That gave to somebody else. So Russell doesn’t make any money on this. It’s just like he wants to do it. We’re Russell makes the money as he’s hoping that if he shows you this whole system that you’ll think that clickfunnels is the best option for you. Do this, which may not be true. May you know a wordpress, maybe I use Kartra, you know there, there’s other ones that may be better for you, but he’s, he’s taken a calculated gamble that like, okay I can give this, give this 30 day challenge away for free and pack. It was such good information that you’re going to want to buy click funnels, you know, and pay paying anywhere from 100 to $300 a month for the rest of your life. And there’s a lot of people that do and he makes plenty of money doing it. So, and in some aspects that actually works. So disclaimer, if you use my link, you know that you’re $100 I’ll go to me, which feel free to just search one funnel away from Russell and you don’t even have to use my link cause it’s not about the a hundred dollars at all. It was just about the 30 day challenge on how much it moved me in 30 days without disrupting my whole life. But at the end of 30 days I really had something built that was really cool.

[15:38] Yeah. And then so you said you’re, one of the things you did is you made a list of a hundred people. Yeah. [inaudible] they call it the dream 100 and so those people are people that you want to work with in any capacity then?

[15:51] Well yeah, you basically, you want to either network, you want to network with them in some capacity. So maybe you want them to be your customer, right? You’re like, there’s a hundred people that I feel like should do family portraits with me this summer and you can start going after them. And then you know, you may book, you know, you may talk to 10 of them on one of them bucks and then they send friends or whatever. Um, it may also just be like, here’s 10 wedding vendor, you know, 10 wedding vendors I want to network with, you know, and they’ll help me grow my business and changed my life too. So it’s like what are the hundred people that you want to be involved with that can move your business to the next level.

[16:28] Okay. That’s pretty cool. Yeah, that makes sense. So there you said there are uh, like an hours or 15 minute videos and so is it all taught in video or is some of it where you can like just read parts of like I don’t really like to watch videos and learn from it. I would prefer to read my instructions.

[16:47] So it is all video based overlapping. So the workbook is not, but the workbook is just like, it has prompting questions and then places to write. So it’s not like you couldn’t just do the workbook by itself.

[17:03] Okay. Yeah. So you would need to carve time to watch the video because I like to do a lot of things like when it’s really quiet in the house, so I don’t, I would need like headphones or something if I was going to do

[17:14] yeah. And we’ll, and they’re short and they send them to you like at two o’clock in the morning or something like that. So like when you wake up, like normally I roll over in bed and I check Instagram and you know, things like that. I just stopped doing that for 30 days. Like the first thing I did is I rolled over and opened up my email, clicked on the Russell link that took me to Facebook and I just watched this video and then I was like, I’ll fire it up. Like, okay, cool. This is what I’m gonna go do right off the bat this morning. And I was just so much more productive. But now, now the, the 30 day deal where he asks all those entrepreneurs what they would do if they had to start over for the first 30 days. [inaudible] that comes in video form and in book form so you can like literally like he sends you the book as a bonus for signing up. So for that $100 you get the copy of the book and everything else as well. Again, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll show, I’ll send the link below and Click on it or you can just search one funnel away and uh, yeah, so that comes, that comes in both formats.

[18:06] Okay. And so you said that you had not had thought about not doing it for quite awhile because like to me, I’m getting ready to go into my busy season and so I’m like, oh my goodness, I don’t know if I can, you know, put one more thing on. But you finally did it even though you didn’t feel like you had the time to,

[18:22] well, I think the reason I didn’t want to do it is because I was like, oh, one more class and I’m not going to implement, you know, I’m going to learn a bunch of stuff and I’m too busy focusing on other priorities right now. And so I’m like, what’s it going to do for me, you know? Yeah. Or I’m not gonna finish it. And Yeah. And not only did I finish it, but I built something really cool and it didn’t feel like it disrupted my everyday life, you know, like, and if anything, it makes you motivated me to get up a little earlier in the day, like get up at seven instead of eight and then just be done by eight. So I was starting my day like normal and then, and it, and because like some of the lessons are not like, go do this and some of the lessons are, you need to be thinking about this.

[18:59] And so then like it just, it just transformed all parts of my life in business in general. And um, yeah, it was so good. And like I said, it didn’t, it didn’t take a ton of time. I didn’t watch, you know, Steven’s videos is one of the other coaches that does the Facebook lives and I didn’t watch all his stuff because his, some of his were like two hours long and I just didn’t watch them. And that was fine, but you know, you could, if you had more time, you definitely could. But if you just did an hour a day of just the Russell and implementing that stuff, you’d be, it’d be really cool. So,

[19:32] yeah. Yeah. Very good. I am very interested in doing it. So I think it’s, I’m excited that we had this conversation because, you know, as a photographer, having a funnel is super duper important, especially because we’re just moving more and more to an online situation. Yeah. And so having different funnels for different types of, uh, product lines is also important. And I have attempted to make funnels multiple times and I have parts of funnels all over the place, but nothing all together in one place. And so I’m literally in the process of it still right now, putting things together. So I think that’d be super help.

[20:10] Yeah. And He, uh, and he keeps it so simple. You know, he talks about this all the time. Like, you know, he’s kind of in a, some, in some aspects like the godfather of funnels. I mean, people have been doing it beforehand, but he’s really made it a thing. And, um, he just talks about like, you know, fast forward five years after he really became popular doing this. He’s like the funnels out there so complicated and it’s like they’re not making any more money than like my two webpage funnel. You know what I mean? So you said, you know, keep it simple. So that, that’s another thing that he talks a lot about and that’s why you can pull it off in an hour a day because you’re not making it too complicated. So yeah. Yeah. And then he gives you all kinds of like where to go build graphics for things and all kinds of stuff. It’s just, it’s just so, so well done. So the best $100 I’ve spent probably in the last like three years for sure. Yeah.

[20:59] The best hundred dollars you gave to Sam.

[21:01] Yeah, exactly. So if anybody goes to Boise, tell sent, tell seminar and that he owes you a soda or something like that. So,

[21:08] very good. Okay,

[21:09] well cool. So anyways, that’s one funnel away by Russell Brunson and it’s been really good. So hopefully some people sign up for it. I’ll put a link, I’ll put the link in, any information below so you get all the bonuses and stuff like that. Um, and uh, yeah, we’ll go from there. So,

[21:23] all right. Thanks Matt for sharing. I’m excited about doing it and I’m already thinking about how I’m going to organize my day so that I actually do do it when I did, when I sign up for it.

[21:33] Yeah. And then like I said, it was cool because I actually wanted to do it in the morning. You know, it was cool. He’s enjoy enough to listen to you that you actually want to get up and start your day with them. It’s not like, oh, business at [7:00] AM so it was all right. Well I’m gonna wrap it up there so if anybody has any questions they can email me or follow link and stuff like that. And, um, and hopefully I ain’t going to get Kyle to sign up and we can, maybe we can all do like a little, like 10 of us do it all together or something like that. That’d be fun. So yeah, very much. All right. Talk to you guys soon. See you next week.

[22:04] Thank you for listening to from nothing to profit a photographer’s podcast with Matt and Kaya. Be sure to subscribe for more business strategy and ideas to help you create that profitable and successful business you’ve always wanted. See you on the next episode of from nothing to profit.