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Tales of Kana #4 - We Love a Short King
Episode 47th July 2022 • Catacomb Party & The Tales of Kana • Atomic Pylon Media
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Catacomb Party is:

Mathr de Leon as the Dungeon Master

PJ Heller as Leo Feldman

Leslie Rae as Elanil Valen

Joshua Ramsey as Walker Omeran

Krossland Shaw as “Eff” aka The Future

This episode was mixed by Jeremy Tuttle and was edited by Krossland & Mathr.

Our cover art was illustrated by Leslie Rae

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This week's icebreaker was originally posted by u/jackaloppy on Reddit.

Content warning: Due to the improvisational nature of our show, some situations or elements may be uncomfortable or difficult for some to handle. Please use discretion when listening.

This episode contains profanity and this one part where there's, like, a bunch of squishy stuff and Mathr just goes to town on that in the sound design.