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Holy Madness - The Show - Tzvi Zucker and Meir Simchah Panzer EPISODE 15, 23rd February 2021
#15 Freedom through Words - Intro to Pesach (Passover)
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#15 Freedom through Words - Intro to Pesach (Passover)

This episode is an overview of Passover - what is being celebrated, why, and how.

We discuss the oddly universal celebration of our little nation's holiday commemorating its emancipation, the themes and imagery of the holiday, and we go back to place issues discussed in Episode 12b (freedom and liberty) in the Passover milieu.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic overview of the holiday's ubiquitous insistence on freedom through words. We discover a little bit of what that means, and set the stage for the coming episodes - where we will explore the Haggadah in depth and inside.