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Seeking Sustainability LIVE (SSL) - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 19, 27th May 2020
Australia-Japan International Relations

Australia-Japan International Relations

Anyone who has followed or met Melanie Brock knows she is a champion of women's rights stemming from a desire to highlight the strengths of Japanese women who rarely get attention as well as an expert in international business relations in Japan.

Melanie Brock is a well-respected CEO, consultant, translator, writer, and speaker. She has excelled at creating ties between Australia and Japan over her long career.

In this video we have a lively discussion of her current projects with SEGA Sammy where she is on the board, Koalatachi supporting Australian animal support and good community work after the bush fires, promoting the good work of women in Japan via her Celebrating Women of Japan project, highlighting gender equity issues in lack of representation in Japan and Australia, talking about CSR projects and sustainable business models, promotion of reconstruction in Tohoku and appreciation of dialects and deeper connections in rural Japan.

We also talk about some of the great ideas in community support in Japan she has highlighted on her website during the COVID19 crisis which inspires us all!

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