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252 – Behind the Scenes of Lingerie Manufacturing with Maxine Wells
Episode 25210th March 2023 • Make it British Podcast • Kate Hills
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On today’s episode I am chatting to Maxine Wells, who is the founder of Intimate Apparel Samples, a small lingerie studio in North West London.

Getting lingerie made in the UK can be challenging. Whilst the UK once had thousands of machinists making underwear for the likes of Marks & Spencers, sadly there are only now only a handful of lingerie manufacturers left in the UK.

I took a trip to Brent Cross where Intimate Apparel Samples is based to ask Maxine why there aren't more lingerie manufacturers in the UK and the benefits of having a great relationship with your manufacturer.

You'll learn:

  • How Maxine set up Intimate Apparel Samples after she had her own lingerie brand [03:14]
  • Why Maxine believes there is such a lack of lingerie and swimwear manufacturers in the UK [05:30]
  • The main pitfalls when it comes to making lingerie, and Maxine’s advice for how to avoid them [09:49]
  • Why having a great relationship with your manufacturer is so important [12:43]
  • How Maxine ensures she gets the fit right for her clients [14:49]
  • Why Maxine enjoys meeting the clients she works with to build a working relationship [23:40]

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