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Unwrapping Japan with Cookie Time’s Jason Allen
Episode 516th May 2022 • Jandals in Japan • Jayne Nakata & Catherine O'Connell
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Cookie Time is a loved brand in New Zealand for nearly 40 years and we are thrilled that guest, Jason Allen, is on the show with us to share his insights into bringing an iconic Kiwi brand to Japan. As Kiwis far from home, being able to reconnect with New Zealand by finding a Cookie Time in a huge chain store in Japan really has been a gift through these last few years of not being able to get back to New Zealand. Jason is very transparent about exactly how it all happened, so go listen! 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Jason went from being on the JET program to translating for a rugby team to being a part of Cookie Time’s entry to Japan
  • Jason’s 4 Ps for success in Japan, or is it just 3 Ps??
  • How the distributor network in Japan functions and how you can get your products onto shelves
  • Do you really need a fax machine in 2022 for doing business in Japan?
  • The chances for Kiwi businesses to make the most of Japan's love of the seasons and events throughout the year

About Jason

Jason is Representative Director at Cookie Time Japan. 




The quintessential Kiwi story of how Cookie Time started in the founder's flat in Christchurch:


Discount code for 20% off when shopping online in Japan: JANDALTIME (no time limit)

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