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Gnaw On This - Something Completely Different?
2nd August 2022 • Gnaw On This... • Ben Baker & Syya Yasotornrat
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How many times have have you been thrown a piece of information that just does not jibe with your sense of reality?

Things that make you go . . . “Hmmm, I never thought about it that way.”

These are those AHA MOMENTS that, when you pay attention to them, could change your life.

We’re Ben Baker and Syya Yasotornrat.

Every week we want to give you something to gnaw on, and enable you to think about things in a brand new light.

As we are apt to say . . .

“When you don’t have enough to think about in life, sometimes you need to Gnaw On something different!”


 SYYA THERE! (Yes, we promise the jokes get better...)