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Software Engineering Ethics Manifesto by Uncle Bob Martin
Episode 5930th March 2022 • Level-up Engineering • Coding Sans
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Interview with Robert C. Martin a.k.a. Uncle Bob. He explains his views and ideas about the need for a set of software engineering ethics, universal quality standards and how they may translate to reality.

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In this interview we're covering:

  • Importance of ethics
  • Applying ethics to software engineering
  • Current ethical problems in the software industry
  • Selling companies on software engineering ethics
  • Cornerstones of software quality
  • Thought experiments with software engineering ethics
  • Role of the individuals in creating software ethics
  • The deadline on software engineering ethics

Excerpt from the interview:

"Currently, software developers carry the lifeblood of civilization. Nothing can function without software, and developers' behavior isn’t in line with that responsibility. I want us programmers to behave in a stalwart way, and acknowledge our responsibility which is likely to keep growing.

There have been high profile calamities caused by software over the past decades. Software developers need to start discussions about what may be done before a disaster happens that takes control out of our hands.

I expect a disaster to happen eventually that overtakes politics and causes legislation to constrain the software industry. We need to get ahead of this and be ready with a code of ethics and a set of standards by the time the politicians come to regulate us."

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