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Founder of Atelier mask movement theatre
Episode 17627th November 2022 • The comedians paradise • Marvin McCarthy
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We talk to the brilliant, scintillating Matteo Destro, he is a director, mask creator, theatre maker, theatre pedagogist and founder of the famous, Atelier mask movement theatre. Here is an overview of what we discussed:

[[00:00]] Comedy De Latte

[[07:42]] What is the role of a student and teacher relationship

[[09:10]] What he looks for in students

[[15:44]] Where Matteo found his passion for theatre

[[39:41]] What makes Joey Diaz funny and how the theatre school can make you more aware of what you do

To find out more about Matteo Destro, you can go on his website at, if you would like to find out more about Atelier mask movement theatre you can go on

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