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S1E1: The Toothless Tiger
Episode 130th September 2022 • The Syria Trials • 75 Podcasts
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Fritz Streiff is joined by Kristina Kaghdo, presenter of the Arabic series of ‘The Syria Trials’, to explore where we currently stand on the long road to justice for Syria. What has happened in the justice and accountability space, in the 11 years since the regime violently suppressed the peaceful revolution?  

Through the stories of Syrians and their experiences of justice, Fritz and Kristina journey around the scattered landscape of justice and accountability, to build up a picture of what legal efforts for Syria are being made and what justice for Syria and Syrians really means. They explore the limitations and challenges that Syrians, civil society organisations, activists, lawyers and many others, are facing when it comes to dealing with international justice and what the law can do for Syria.

The Syria Trials is a 75 Podcast production. This episode is hosted by Fritz Streiff and Kristina Kaghdo, and produced by Sasha Edye-Lindner, with editorial support from Mais Katt. 

Support for our podcast comes from German Federal Foreign Office funds that are provided by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen IFA’s Zivik Funding Programme.

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