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RN With POTS, Neuropathy, Brain Fog, Weight Loss, Reverses Her and Husband’s Symptoms
7th April 2022 • Transform with Dr. Maggie Yu • Maggie Yu
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Meet Jessica she is an RN who struggled with POTS-like symptoms, chronic fatigue, neuropathy, severe brain fog, infertility, and debilitating weight loss. She couldn't hold down a job nor trust her body anymore. She was at the point of trying to get on disability but she didn't have a diagnosis to qualify. She was a program director and nursing instructor and had seen 12+specialists and alternative medicine doctors. Nobody could give her sustained results. See where she and her husband Devin are today just a few months later. Learn how she got there when Mayo told her, no hope of reversal. Watch the full episode in Youtube Before the Transform Autoimmune Program, Jessica couldn't hold down a job because of chronic fatigue and brain fog.  She didn't feel like she could trust her body anymore. She felt like she was trapped in the body of an 80-year-old who has early dementia and needed a caregiver. She was at the point of trying to get on disability but didn't even have a qualifying diagnosis. To add to her stress, she was the primary source of income for her household. Before she was symptomatic, she was a Program Director and nursing instructor. She thought she could nurse herself back to health. She saw 12+ specialists in conventional medicine and complementary medicine. Nobody could give her any type of sustainable results. Her career slowly withered. Her body was slowly withering. Her household was withering. She felt like she had to embrace a "new normal as a disabled person." It took a toll on her marriage because she and her husband both struggled to give each other the care they both needed. Jessica’s health and entire life were quickly spiraling out of control. She desperately needed to find real and sustainable solutions to chronic fatigue, leg & feet neuropathy, severe brain fog, infertility, unexplained weight loss, and POTS-like symptoms. Our program gave Jessica the tools that she needed and showed her how to use them! She was most positively impacted by the Mindset tools (there is hope for full recovery), Blood Sugar Balancing, and MELT method. After just a few months in our Transform Autoimmune Program, Jessica is now working full-time again, happily, without having to drag herself into work. She feels like her chronological age (29) again. Her neuropathy no longer hinders her mobility and function. She feels well enough to actively try to conceive because she has the energy and great overall daily function again. Otherwise, all of her problem areas are gone completely. The outstanding results Jessica has achieved through our program allow her to dream again and have confidence that her dreams will come true. Her household income is recovering. She can once again be the wife her husband needs. Her sister was just diagnosed with an autoimmune condition while Jessica was in the program, and she now knows how to support her. Her knowledge has helped her husband’s bloating and chronic fatigue, as well as her mother and grandmother’s pain symptoms. She is working as a nurse educator again and with her new knowledge, she is glad to share it with all her students to spread awareness. Like many autoimmune sufferers, Jessica didn’t know how she was going to afford our program – but knew that she just had to. She was too prideful to ask her family to help pay for the program. Once she finally asked, they were more than happy to help. After all, they just wanted her to be healthy so she could be happy. She said she wished that she would have asked sooner. Jessica said that her favorite parts of the Transform Autoimmune Program were the motivational support and precise data that she received. Our community definitely had a HUGE impact – and there is no substitute for the personalized data that helps our participants dial in and target their specific needs. Jessica says she would recommend our program to everyone who feels stuck and is severely symptomatic, as well as anyone struggling with “unexplained infertility.”   If you would like to learn more about how we can help you specifically turn your symptoms around, start a chat with our team today! To get our hormone checklist and recommendations to help balance your hormones, chat with our team Want to hear more interviews like this one? Subscribe to Our Podcast Subscribe to Our Youtube Channel If you're unfamiliar with a root cause approach to autoimmunity, hormones, and functional approach done from anywhere then click here: If you want to join a kick-ass autoimmune community with tons of bonus training, join our FB group If you're curious about how to work with me and my team to turn around your autoimmunity or mystery illness, then click here: The post RN With POTS, Neuropathy, Brain Fog, Weight Loss, Reverses Her and Husband’s Symptoms first appeared on Dr Maggie Yu IFMCP.




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