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Confectionary brand Alter Eco launches new charitable arm
29th September 2020 • Food & Beverage Insider • Food & Beverage Insider
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Alter Eco, a chocolate-centric food company and Certified B Corp, announced recently it is launching a new charitable arm, the Alter Eco Foundation. This foundation will help promote regenerative and sustainable farming practices industry-wide, as well as better conditions for farmers and workers globally. According to Alter Eco’s press release, “As the new charitable arm of the company, the Alter Eco Foundation will work directly with cacao farmers to provide resources to help them transition to dynamic agroforestry, a method of regenerative agriculture with many positive environmental, economic, and social benefits. This next-generation approach to farming is already showing significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Key insights include:

  • The need for more ethical and sustainable cacao farming, especially in light of COVID-19 and recent environmental disasters;
  • The tangible efforts being made my Alter Eco to improve both the planet and the lives of farmers globally;
  • How Alter Eco plans to extend its own efforts industry-wide.