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7. Reclaiming My Homeland in Mexico City for The Reclamation Mastermind Retreat
Episode 715th November 2023 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color
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Reclamation Mastermind's in-person retreat is being held in Mexico City! As the eldest daughter of Mexican immigrants, this is a huge deal to me and I can't wait to welcome the members of Reclamation Mastermind to a place that means so much to me.

But I didn't always have this close, deep relationship with my homeland. My parents have not been back to Mexico City since they left as kids. Mexico holds a lot of memories that, up until this point, they just didn't want to go back to because they grew up, not having enough and having to grow up very quickly as a result.

As a child, I didn't really think much of it. But today, I’m letting you in on the journey I’ve taken to re-establish a relationship with my roots. There is so much beauty in witnessing how far your family has come in just a few generations. I feel more connected to my ancestors than ever.

And this year, my parents are finally ready to come with me! They are arriving today after the retreat.

I can't wait to see Mexico through their eyes. I know traveling home is going to be an incredibly healing experience.

I can't wait to invite the members of Reclamation Mastermind to experience the magic of Mexico City together, as everyone plans life, leadership, and revenue goals that would rival our ancestors’ wildest dreams.

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