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Your Instincts Are Your Superpower | An Eye Opening Conversation with Erin Werde of Instinctive Advantage | Episode #029
Episode 2923rd January 2024 • The World's Okayest Entrepreneur • Andrew Vomhof and Larissa Loden
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Welcome to the "World's Okayest Entrepreneur," the podcast for the okay entrepreneur who doesn't have an MBA and is just figuring it out as they go.

In the is episode we sat down with Erin Werde, A Kolbe Certified Consultant and President and Owner of The Instinctive Advantage, a company that specializes in building better teams through the power of instincts. The Kolbe Test, also know as The Kolbe A Index, is an assessment that measures a person's natural instincts and strengths. In this episode you will hear us discuss the results of Andrew and Larissa's Kolbe results and what it all means. This episode is full of so many great insights on why we all work they way we do and why sometimes we feel out of place in the way we "think" we should be working.

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