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James Ackley Shares How Enthusiasm Trumps Inexperience, Why Happiness is Within, and Tips for Peak Musical Performance!
22nd August 2022 • Trumpet Dynamics • James Newcomb
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While visiting family in Columbia, SC recently, I was able to connect with James Ackley, trumpet professor at the U. of South Carolina, and a highly sought-after player in the local region. It's always a treat to do an interview in-person, rare as they are, and this one didn't disappoint. I know you'll enjoy hearing what James has to share related to trumpet, life, and how the two often intersect!

Here's what you'll hear in this episode:

-James Ackley's plans for retiring from trumpet?...01:23

-There are scary players out there you'll never hear of...06:23 (that's part of why this podcast exists, fyi)

-Founding origins on the trumpet...09:35

-Shortcomings in commonly accepted education methods...16:23

-Why a major conservatory took a chance on a green James Ackley with just over 2 years of playing experience...23:30

-Why returning to the United States wasn't necessarily essential to raise happy children...31:07

-Non-musician wife bears the burden of life with a pro trumpeter...38:42

-The music scene in Columbia, SC...41:25

-Rapid fire questions pertaining to peak musical performance...45:08

-The virtue of putting out an album that won't go platinum with sales...56:00

-Plus whatever your discerning ears deem worthy of your time and interest...

Resources mentioned:

-Within the Sphere of the Master by Tim Kent, narrated by James Newcomb

Mentioned in this episode:

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