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Interview with L.A.-Based Music Composer, Chris Wirsig - Part 1
Episode 5930th December 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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In this interview, I had the joy of talking with Chris Wirsig, a classically training pianist and saxophone player. He’s been able to take his classically trained skills and spend the last 20 years in music production and composition for games, film and TV. He has a love for darker sounding music and his productions can be heard on things such as the Top Ten iPad game, “Alien Tribe 2”, multiple award-winning short films and the comedy feature film "39 And A Half," as well as numerous TV shows on ABC, E!, MTV, Fox Sports - just to name a few. In addition to writing music for different productions, he’s started a few different bands and does song writing on the side.

I was so impressed with his background in both the creative and business end of things and his take on how music influences us has made for a very interesting conversation! I'm looking forward to sharing this with you.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • How Chris is dealing with COVID and what’s happening in California (he's based in L.A.)
  • His background and how he got into music
  • His love for music and all the instruments he plays
  • How he found a love for writing melancholy and dark music
  • Why Chris likes writing darker music
  • Chris’s love for fictional scary things versus being scared in real life
  • How he goes about writing the music for each movie depending on the information he has
  • Some of his favorite ways to compose music for a movie
  • The way Chris’s music affects the emotion in a movie
  • Chris’s most recent experience with writing music for a movie set in Africa and adding in cultural elements
  • Chris’s upcoming production featuring his music
  • The use of major and minor chords in his productions
  • Using both major and minor chords in a piece of music, even if it’s a minor piece of music

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