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Meg Abernethy-Hope of BillyChip | 10q Interview
Episode 3224th January 2023 • 10q Interview with Chris Hutchings • Chris Hutchings
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In this episode of 10q Interview I chat to the incredibly inspirational co-founder of BillyChip, Meg Abernethy-Hope.

The story Meg shares in this episode is a powerful one.

Events that would break most people have somehow fuelled Meg and her family to create something that for some is life-changing.

In her bid to help out the homeless of the world as a result of a family tragedy, Meg has faced many challenges and she talks very openly about the whole journey with me in this episode.

I genuinely don't know where to start when trying to describe this episode, I'd just really encourage you to give it a listen.

Despite her impostor syndrome, Meg is a total inspiration to all of us, she talks passionately about homelessness and the back story of the Billy Chip.

It was an honour chatting to Meg and I know you are going to enjoy listening to what she has to share.

Go give her and BillyChip a follow (Meg - LinkedIn, Billychip - InstagramLinkedInTwitterTikTokFacebook), say hi ( and let her know what you thought of the episode.

Enjoy! 😀

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Billy's quite incredible funeral - Click here

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The LinkedIn post discussed

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