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Toxic Free Circularity and How Degrowth Equals Greater Profits, with Paul Foulkes-Arellano, Founder, Circuthon Consulting
Episode 8220th June 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Degrowth equals greater profits – and big disruptions are coming…

In this episode we got to talk to the brilliant Paul Folkes Arellano about circularity, and not just circularity, but toxic free circularity. Paul shares his knowledge, insights and experience in a space which plays a significant role in sustainability, business and societal behaviours.

Paul share with us how he got into the toxic free circularity space, and shares so many examples of organisations who are doing great things with circularity, and also how collaboration and partnerships are critical to building the business case and turning circularity into meaningful business solutions that can scale.

We talked about the need for Marketers to get involved, to get to grips with and understand their product lifecycle assessments by spending time with their R&D teams, and as Paul says it, “sticking your hands in the compost”. A critical part that brings with it a wealth of stories.

Paul also talks about degrowth and the fact that degrowth equals greater profits. Circularity drives efficiencies, greater loyalty, less waste and, there is also huge amounts of capital to be gained from waste. This episode left us feeling uplifted and full of motivation and confirmed, once again, why we are such big advocates for circularity.

Join us on this episode as we talk to Paul about:

  • The circular economy and toxic free circularity.
  • The opportunities and the business case for circularity.
  • Why Marketers should be spending time in R&D labs to truly understand their products
  • The great work being done in circularity and why full product life cycle assessments are imperative for marketers to be part of.
  • The need for more good stories to be shared.
  • The future of sustainability and circularity and long-term planning.

For more information about Paul’s work visit Circuthon Consulting.

And follow his insights and great conversations via LinkedIn too.

A great episode… enjoy.


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