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Quantum Coffee with Joe Hawley Podcast - Joe Hawley EPISODE 29, 15th February 2021
Tuning Into Truth with Cecilia Angel
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Tuning Into Truth with Cecilia Angel

This week we have Cecilia Angel on the show!

Cecilia is a spiritual development coach, psychic medium & oracle, shamanic energy & sound healer, divine channel, and teacher of meditation, primal movement, and all things spirituality.

In this episode, we discuss how Cecilia became a divine channel and what it looks like talking to and receiving messages from her guides. We also dive into speaking our truth, the journey of forgiveness, and the art of living and dying. Cecilia even drops in and brings her guides through with a message for the listeners.

Connect with Cecilia

Instagram | @awakenwithcecilia

Website | www.awakenwithcecilia.com

Connect with Joe

Website | www.joe-hawley.com

Website | The Härt Collective

LinkedIn | Joe Hawley

Instagram | @joe.hawley

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