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Dark Softly Tales - Mav Skye EPISODE 52, 31st October 2020
Halloween Games

Halloween Games

What's Halloween without Halloween games? Jackie invites her boyfriend over for a little game of guess that feel... He shows up as a clown, and we soon discover there is no clowning around for what he has in store! *This story is not for the faint of heart or for children. Adults only!*

This is our Monday episode—released a little early in the spirit of Samhain... enjoy!

(For those who are looking for it. The Name My Scarecrow Contest announcement will be released in a day or two!)

This story was originally published years ago in a 13 Days of Halloween ...read-along...thing.

Music: Alice in Dark Wonderland by Lexin Music

Clown Noise Honk attribution: Mutatorscotch at freesound.org

Hack: Axe_Barrel by EverHeat at Freesound.org

2nd hack: wood chopping by wavecal22 at freesound.org

Scream: “MaderaDelEste Films” by Sironboy at freesound.org