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Episode 353 – Alf Catolico – Monster Maestro of Music
Episode 35313th December 2021 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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Alf “Alfie” Catolico has been creating musical soundscapes and played and performed in some of the most seminal Winnipeg bands of all time. Just who is Alf? We dig into his beginnings, starting with the Chocolate Bunnies From Hell (2:37), Dirtbeak (4:36), Buttermilk 5 (also known as Wukepopo) (5:52), Transistor Sound & Lighting (6:41), The Rowdymen (9:29), and how this all blended into the band, Volume (10:10).

(13:52) SeanGeek’s first view of Volume was a show that was plastered around town with the subtitle of the Amazing Spider-Band at Ozzie’s/The Zoo. Alfie fills us in on that show and what happened after this show, in terms of marketing, band plan and everything that revolved around the band at this time. (19:28) There is also the story of how the band flew out The band met up with Ray Ellis, original composer on the old Spider-Man cartoon.

(24:33) We talk about why Winnipeg has the best music in all of the world, his work with Janine Gobeille, (34:24) playing at the Planetarium, (35:20) the unreleased album, (37:52) and how Volume gained Matt Budoloski (formerly of Leaderhouse, Vanderveen, Blackout City Kids).

(46:04) Alfie still sports a large degree of Winnipeg pride. He is still a Jets fame, still loves the city, misses the Zoo, and wants to come back. (52:42) We talk Witchpolice Radio and (55:28) 12/21 and Casati.

Alfie’s Soundcloud page is here:

The infamous Volume show at the Planetarium:

Volume, The Amazing Spider-Band:


I made a compilation of some of Alfie’s work on YouTube:

Some of his other stuff:

Hospital -

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