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Feng shui expert Priya Sher on using music to amplify intentions, tuning into the day's energy and more
Episode 915th February 2024 • Feel Better Every Day • Eve Menezes Cunningham
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When did you last tune into the day's energy?

Have you tried face massage? Or massaging the internal organs with a weighted hoop?

As a full time professional feng shui consultant, Priya works at enhancing her clients lives by aligning their space to suit them to its full potential, using her feng shui skills.

Homes in London and abroad range from small studio apartments to large luxury developments, mansions and even opulent yachts. Clients include celebrities and visionaries including The Alchemist author, Paulo Coelho.

Find out more @priyasherfengshui on Insta and at


When did you last give yourself the time and space to catch the morning's (or any time of day's) energy?

Inspired by editing this conversation and being reminded of all my intentions to integrate so many new (to me) self care ideas, I heeded the birds' call at 7am (the crack of dawn in Evei Land) and told my partner I was popping out. I took my journal and sat in the light drizzle (it IS the west of Ireland) and absolutely loved the stillness, bird sounds and giving myself that extra morning space. And then I went back to be because I am NOT a morning person and I've been working crazy hours the past week again.

What about YOU?

Let me know in the comments!


I'm your host, Eve Menezes Cunningham, author of 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing.

I'm a trauma therapist (with lived experience), supervisor and Self care coach (integrating yoga therapy, NLP, EFT and crystals as appropriate) helping people connect with and take better care of their Self. I run Feel Better Every Day with Eve Menezes Cunningham (aka

I started The Feel Better Every Day Podcast because I realised that even with the focus of my work being self and Self care, I often struggle. And so do so many of my colleagues! We're all human! So I interviewed several of them including neuroscientists, authors writing about health and wellbeing, fitness professionals, therapists, coaches, energy workers and medical professionals. We ALL have gaps and even gulfs between what we would LOVE to be doing for ourselves each day and what we actually do. My hope with each episode is that you'll go easier on yourself and do something rather than nothing from your own ideal self or Self care repertoire. Create a life you don't need to retreat from! Let me know how you get on! I really love hearing from y'all.


If you’d like to join the chakra journey, Love your WHOLE self 2024, you can sign up as a free or Extra Embodied member at ~ if you're listening later, you can still access these posts and more and you can join in at any time, it doesn’t have to be while we’re working with the base chakra (ie these next few weeks).




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