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Wizard Class Spotlight
Episode 1931st May 2021 • Advice and Advantage: How to D&D • Nick Porter and Joshua Smith
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The Wizard: The exemplar spell caster and envy of all those who wield magic. Wizards have a thirst for arcane secrets and study ancient magiks. Unlike other Spellcasters they have to study and learn to unlock the ways of magic. If they can do this and survive past their early adventures, Wizards have unmatched power.

Join Nick and Josh as they talk Fireball, Spellbooks, Harry Potter and how to find an Arcane Tradition for you on this week's Advice and Advantage!

  • What Sets the Wizard apart from other classes?
  • Are they a good class for beginners?
  • How to survive early Wizard levels.
  • A look at the schools of magic.

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