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Interview with Sonic Branding Strategist & CEO of Pirate Group Inc., Tom Eymundson - Part 1
Episode 775th May 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Tom Eymundson is a sonic branding strategist and a partner, CEO and driving force behind the ongoing evolution of Pirate Group Inc. In this first part of our discussion, we break down Tom’s three step process for serving his clients and discuss some of the background that led him to create sonic brands for a wide variety of companies.  He’s super knowledgeable and I can’t wait for you to hear his perspective on the importance of having a strategic sonic brand.  You can find Pirate at .

We discuss:

  • How he’s currently doing in this COVID world
  • The difference between audio branding and sonic branding
  • Tom’s definition of sonic branding
  • Tom’s background that led to ending up as the head of Pirate Group Inc.
  • Earworms and their impact on Tom’s decision to go into sonic branding
  • The sonic branding of James Bond
  • The change in creating music for audio branding from orchestras to now Tom being the trackmaster
  • The “magic” of adding music to a commercial and how it completely changes people’s reactions 
  • The story of the closing of Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto
  • How layering music with storytelling and the visual component leads to an emotional connection
  • The evolution into his current process when creating sonic logos
  • Breaking down why some sonic identities stick and others don’t
  • The need to dig deep and figure out the brand identity before being able to create a new sonic logo
  • Sonic logos are meant to draw brand recall
  • The goal of creating an emotional reaction to the sonic branding
  • The sonic branding methodology should lead to truly understanding the background of the sound
  • When to recreate an audio brand or just refresh it
  • The process of diving deep into determining the audio branding
  • The similarities between creating a visual logo and a sonic logo
  • What Tom’s company does if someone says they don’t like what’s been created!

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