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322: How To Avoid Information Overload In Your Online Course
8th September 2022 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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Today’s session is a coaching call, and our main focus is on a struggle that many course creators face. When you are an expert in your course content, how do you find the balance in presenting information without overwhelming your students? I feel sure that every course creator has felt this struggle, so I hope you find today’s call to be helpful.

Our Featured Guest for today’s coaching call:

Heather England, Ph.D., LCP, LCPC, CST, CDWF

Dr. Heather England is a coach, certified sex therapist, and licensed clinical psychotherapist in Overland Park, Kansas. She is part of our online course mastermind, which you can explore at Heather is in the process of creating a course on erectile dysfunction, and she has already learned a lot in preparation to launch her course. Her biggest question is how to present her course without information overload for her students. You are invited to listen to the coaching call with Heather and Melvin!

Love Filled Life

You’ll Learn:

  • How Heather evolved as a sex therapist and realized the need for more information
  • How Heather found the niche for her online course in helping men with erectile issues
  • A common mistake that our colleagues make in creating an online course
  • How the STC Mastermind course has fast-tracked Heather’s course creation and launch (scheduled to begin in a few short weeks!)
  • How Heather’s four-week course is structured with videos, downloadable resources, and a coaching call
  • Why Heather is being intentional to allow her students to maintain anonymity if they prefer
  • Tool options that can be used to allow students to submit questions to Dr. Heather privately
  • Why Heather is struggling to uphold her standards of competency and concrete research without overwhelming her students with information and exercises
  • How Heather is approaching a particular module of her course that includes a lot of information
  • How to pare down exercises and activities to the most important “Aha moment” for students
  • The value of using a survey to get feedback at the end of EACH module–rather than waiting until the end of the entire course
  • Heather’s top takeaways from this coaching call and how she plans to implement what she has learned

How you can find Heather’s course, free webinar, and other resources at 

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