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The DNA Airwaves - The DNA Project EPISODE 46, 17th May 2021
Tony Momrelle: Find your happy place

Tony Momrelle: Find your happy place

Our guest for this episode is Tony Momrelle. Tony is a British Singer/Songwriter that is currently the lead singer for the band Incognito.  In addition, to being part of this group he has also released several solo projects and performed with some of the industry's biggest artists including Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, Sade, and Gwen Stefani.  His latest EP, “Lockdown Acoustic Sessions”, is available wherever you stream your music,  We connected with Tony over the internet and discuss the UK music scene, his journey with music, and much more.

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Opening Credits: Daniel Cowans, Musical Director @ The DNA Project

Produced By: Anthony Lewis and Diriki Palmer

Mixed and Edited By: Mat Keselman