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Trailer2nd October 2023 • adhd UN shamed • Stuart Cohen, CALC
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How do we un-shame adhd? One voice at a time.

Welcome! I am adhd life coach Stuart. This is my podcast. Next is my book.

Your friends, coworkers and neighbors have come here to give you a peek inside their ADHD worlds.

I admire their courage and conviction. Shining light on deeply personal stuff that they've kept hidden in the dark requires both.

Everyone I talked to felt a massive sense of relief and peace after speaking their truths. For many, sharing was a deeply cathartic experience.

Everyone who hears their stories may feel a massive sense of hope. For many, receiving can be a perspective-flipping experience.

It is liberating to finally release the regret and shame that shadowed and burdened us for too long.

Perhaps you can think of this adhd UN shamed podcast as a highlights reel - despite the lows!

Soon you will see how, despite this ADHD roller coaster ride we're on for life, it is indeed possible to live life happily ever after!




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