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Anj Handa in Conversation with Mike Chitty
Episode 1528th September 2020 • Be a Better Leader • Mike Chitty
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Anj is along standing friend and the Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers (IWC), a global, inclusive movement of people who want to see the world become a safer, fairer place for women, wherever they live and whatever they do.

She is dedicated to promoting the rights of women at all levels of business and society.

She is also a lobbyist who has undertaken diplomatic assignments in employment and skills policy.

She is multilingual (German, Punjabi, French, Hindi), speaker, writer and NED with international experience at Board level.

With 20 years' experience in the field, her professional experience is grounded in a deep understanding of Good Governance, Employment Law and digital systems. As Chair of Freedom Studios and Governor of Leeds Arts University, she specialises in arts sector leadership.

We talk about:

  • Lockdown
  • Disrupting poverty
  • Leeds Migrant Access Project
  • Skills and diversity in the boardroom,
  • Roots, rootlessness, identity, anchoring and nourishment
  • FGM campaigning and Masai Cricketers
  • Sally Kohn and Emotional Correctness
  • Privilege and Choice
  • Head, heart AND Soul
  • And being fully human...