EP 29 The Power of Women having Wealth with Allie Casazza
15th June 2020 • Legacy through Motherhood • Stephanie Sims
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In today's episode, Stephanie interviews Allie Casazza. We talk about all things women and wealth and world change.

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Meditation Allie talked about in the show.

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25 Ways Wealth drives World Change

Excerpt from the episode

"Money is amoral. It is neither good nor bad. The love of money can cause issues because you are chasing a ghost and if you have an insatiable appetite for more...it will leave you feeling empty. But if you know your identity is secure, in my case in Christ, then the money is nothing more than a tool. A tool that you can use for good. This is why debt is so paralyzing. Like I said in this interview, Being chained by debt is one of the number 1 ways satan is attacking western Christians. We become self-centered, self-focused, we live in fear, in anger, it is extremely closely tied to broken marriages, and I could go on.  

Freedom from debt leads to an abundance of choices which in the hands of good people can lead to world change. There is a pretty comprehensive study (which I’ll link to in the show notes) that shows that Women not only own and control greater wealth than ever before, they are also changing the direction of wealth management and the goals of wealth creation. Women far more often say societal causes have become more important than wealth accumulation in defining a legacy, with 62% of women agreeing, compared with 53% of men. This suggests that as women accumulate greater assets, they may shift more capital toward charitable giving and social projects, even at the cost of greater future wealth.

So it’s really not about hoarding money. It’s about serving people, making money, then using that money to create world change. This is why we are so passionate about normalizing wealth for women."