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Episode 181: Reality Bites for CASA but Qantas gets a new celebrity
Episode 18117th January 2012 • The Australia Desk • Southern Skies Media
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There's a storm coming for Milton Jones, the reality TV star of Channel 10's "Keeping up with the Joneses" as he's in trouble with CASA due to potentially breaking a few regulations, some of which may be on the unpublished video footage that CASA have been prevented from viewing.

Speaking of regulatory hassles, there's a uniquely Australian airworthiness directive for specific Beechcraft Debonaires & Bonanzas with "throw over" yokes that must be inspected for cable damage before they can be flown again.

Qantas have added another Ambassador to its list of celebrity promoters and they're not a bloke: Miranda Kerr, a lingerie model and wife of Orlando Bloom, is the latest celebrity promoter for Qantas. w00t!

Speaking of Qantas, one of their former bean counters suggests a “fat tax” for larger airline passengers due to the additional fuel burn required to lug their extra kilos through the sky. With ideas like that, this guy should be working for Thromby Air!





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