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HTW-Ep 109 DIY Alaska - What You Need to Know
Episode 10928th April 2022 • Hunt the World • Rolling Bones Outfitters
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A fair share of our listeners are skilled DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hunters and you may be one of them. But DIY hunting in Kentucky and DIY hunting in Alaska are two different animals - so to speak. On today’s Hunt the World podcast Brian Mehmen, Brad Dana and Bryan Martin discuss those who like to DIY hunt in Alaska that may never have done that before. Don’t make the same mistakes we did. You gotta have a strategy going in. It helps if you know how to operate a boat and are in reasonably good physical condition (depending on the type of hunt). Alaska has unforgiving conditions at time and you must be prepared. We’ll give you the best advice (and first-hand stories) we have if this type of adventure interests you.