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Hugh Jackman's swansong as Wolverine is nothing like any superhero comic book movie ever. It's a brutal, gory, painful look at the life of an ageing hero, a man whose life consists of numbing his pain with booze whilst caring for a frail, elderly, dementia suffering Charles Xavier. You feel every inch of their suffering and vulnerability in a world where mutants are no longer born and where Charles is so unpredictable they've declared his brain a weapon of mass destruction.....

And so we meet Laura - a young mutant very much like Logan, a young mutant who brings Charles joy and gives Logan a reason to not walk away from this fight.

Fox Studios could have made a standard CGI-filled world-ending standard superhero movie. The fact they chose to make something so personal, so character-driven and so emotionally-weighted with real world stakes was such a massive risk.

It paid off. Critically, commercially and, most importantly, for characters we've known and loved since 2000.

We need to see more studios make more movies like this.

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