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Optimizing Pelvic Health & Practicing Pelvic Fitness w/Kim Vopni
Episode 162nd February 2021 • Anti-Aging Uncensored • Jill Gilbert
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The pelvic floor is a very important foundation for some of our body’s most fundamental functions. It is the foundation of our core, and as women, it’s where we derive our power, our confidence, and our creativity from.

Dysfunction in our pelvic health directly compromises our quality of life and creates a multitude of health-related difficulties. Often we are told that the dysfunction is a normal part of being a woman, with having children or simply aging, but solving these issues is possible and within our control. 

There’s a huge gap in the information that’s given to women about the pelvic floor. My guest today is a pelvic health evangelist fighting to change that. 

What purpose does the pelvic floor serve in our bodies? Are we more prone to pelvic health issues as we age? How can we add pelvic health maintenance into our self-care routine? 

In this episode, I’m joined by Kim Vopni, an entrepreneur, pelvic health coach, and author who is also known as The Vagina Coach. She shares how we can get our pelvic floor working optimally and why kegels are anti-aging! 

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Guest Bio 

Kim Vopni is an entrepreneur, pelvic health evangelist and coach, author and certified fitness professional. She is known as The Vagina Coach and is a driving force behind helping hundreds of women connect to their pelvic floors and overcome challenges like incontinence, painful sex, low back pain and organ prolapse. 

Kim offers DIY pelvic floor fitness programs and one-on-one coaching programs for pregnant and non-pregnant women. 

For more information on Kim’s work and her 28-day challenge, visit and follow @vaginacoach on Instagram.