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Prayer 2021 - October 3 - Don't Con God pt 1
Episode 2743rd October 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

Mark 12:40

“They devour widows’ houses and for a show make lengthy prayers. These men will be punished most severely.”

Don’t Con God pt 1

We  have been studying, pretty in depth, about prayer.  Not just your normal, wimpy, wamsy panzi style of a study in prayer….not like you usually will receive in one of the many secular style, popular weak kneed – come as  you are with your latte style churches…where every sermon and every service is a pep rally.  Not your old fashioned, “let us come “reverently” to His Holiness as worms” style of prayer…

NO – we have been studying how to have EFFECTIVE PRAYER…prayer that is based on the Word of God – How the BIBLE teaches us we should pray…how the BIBLE says BELIEVERS should pray….how GOD EXPECTS US TO PRAY….

We have been studying what prayer really is – it is NOT trying to get God to do something…HE has already done all He is going to do…HE SENT JESUS!

Prayer is not DEMANDING something from God…NO – prayer is a form of communication – not to make  your needs known to God (for He already knows what you need even before you ask Him)…Well brother Bob “if he already knows what I need – why doesn’t He give me what I need before I ask Him…and why do I still have to ask!?”  Well, first of all – YOU are not in a position to TELL God what you need.   WHATT?  That’s right…….if God gave you what you “thought” you would need…it could destroy you….remember the scripture of “prosperity destroys the fool?” that we covered last week?  If you ask God – “I want 10 million dollars” and he gave it to you…and you are a fool – “a fool and his money are soon parted” and you just increased the wealth of the kingdom of the devil by a bunch!

NO – you do not tell God what you need.  You can ASK God if it is HIS WILL for you to receive 10 million dollars….and don’t try to con God into giving it to you by your self righteous lies….you know what I mean…”God if you give me this 10 million dollars I can do soooooo much for you…I will give some to the ministry….I will send some to some poor old soul in Africa….I would not have to work….I could just travel and preach the gospel for you….I could be on TV with my own television show and preach the gospel…I could open my own church…God, I could do so much with this money….”

WHATEVER!!!  God knows your heart….if He just gave it to you…it would not be  two weeks and you would be kicked back on some island beach…telling God that after this vacation, you will work for Him….I mean…I deserve it…then, you know God, 10% of this money is such a big chunk of change….I don’t think I should give it all to some ministry…I better hold onto it…I need this new car…I mean the old one is getting old…and my wife needs her a new car too…and we need a new house Lord…I mean, you don’t want your preacher living in an old house do you…? 

You know what I mean!  NO  -  God knows what is in your heart…and if you can only handle 10K dollars…that is all he is going to give you…if you can’t handle that…He will only give you a couple hundred at a time. Amen! don’t listen to me in the self righteous attitude!  I can hear you listening to me right now!!!  Praise God!!!

Let’s Pray!

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