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1-54 Forum Marrakech 2019 | Jazz is My Religion
Episode 813th March 2019 • 1-54 Forum • 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair
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1-54 Forum Marrakech

22 - 24 February 2019

Jazz is My Religion [EN]

A rare opportunity to engage with the work of Dutch filmmaker Louis van Gasteren. In 1963, Dutch writer and poet Simon Vinkenoog started a Jazz & Poetry night in Sheherazade, a nightclub in Amsterdam, on behalf of his American friends - including Ted Joans - who asked him "Hey man, where can you read Poetry here?” In 1964, van Gasteren directed the film Jazz and Poetry (1964, 14’) in which Ted Joans reads his poetry with jazz musicians Piet Kuiters, Ruud Jacobs, Cees See and Herman Schoonderwalt at Sheherazade. In response to the film, curators from the Marrakech-based collective UNTITLED (Soukaina Aboulaoula & Yvon Langué) lead an intervention. UNTITLED draw on the repertoire of constraints (chimera, definitional literature, index, etc.) of the Ouvroir de Littérature potentielle (OuLiPo) to form a performed reading of Ted Joans' poems.

In partnership with LE18.

Recording courtesy of LE18. Film, Jazz and Poetry, copyright and courtesy of Spectrum Film.

Image: © Katrina Sorrentino