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Humans Exhaust Me - BizPaul & Phylecia Jones EPISODE 58, 6th September 2021
Welcome to Gilead
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Welcome to Gilead

It's the Labor Day holiday in the US so we catch Phylecia before she meets family IRL - yes, IRL - while in Alabama, where you can't buy alcohol on a Sunday. It must be confusing to keep up with all the different laws as you move between different states.

States are taking advantage of making their own laws. Texas is in the news for passing legislation banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, with no exceptions. We discuss the process of how this came to be, and the different levels of legal process, right up to the Supreme Court and whether they ruled or did not rule on anything.

Note, neither of us are legal experts so feel free to DM us and we'll put your info in the Department of Corrections in a subsequent episode.