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#2 Books, Bourbon, Battlestar Galactica
Episode 221st December 2020 • Punch Drunk Vinyl • Punch Drunk Vinyl
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"If you need to know the answer to something, don't trust us, google is existing, in your pocket, today."

Recorded October 10th, 2020.

In this weeks episode we go off the rails a little bit and hey, we think you'll like it. We discuss books, our favorite record store in Spokane, mental health and our extreme disgust for misogyny and the patriarchy... most of which are recurring themes, except books, we really didn't need to talk about books. Anyway, we also take a wild stab at when Niel Young's Harvest Moon was released (guess what, we were way off), talk about Record Store day releases in 2020 and introduce a new segment that won't last called "Rant of the week" where Rylan yells about why he doesn't like spotify, then comes back around to being okay with it.

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