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#180 - Hospitality Meets Hamish Anderson - Where Art & Hospitality Collide in Glorious Fashion
Episode 18028th February 2024 • Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street • Phil Street
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Today marks the end of season 5 of the show and we are signing off with a bang. I welcomed Hamish Anderson to the show, CEO of Tate Enterprises. This episode was a totally joyous education from the outset and represents another wonderful corner of the industry, where art and hospitality collide, in glorious fashion (Have I just inadvertently written a tagline for next years fashion week?).

Hamish is brilliant, he oozes effortless passion for hospitality all the way through and with some cracking stories too.

We cover:-

  • January
  • The many enterprises of Tate
  • Early career
  • Getting into wine
  • Stock taking evolution
  • Bibendum
  • Writing a book about wine
  • Climbing the ranks at Tate
  • Deep thinking
  • Leadership Lessons
  • Finding a bottle of Dubonnet for the queen
  • Magnums of Bollinger
  • The evolution of Tate

And so much more.

I can't sign off season 5 without thanking you all for listening, this has been the most incredible season of the show, climbing into the top 1% of all podcasts and more of you are listening than ever before which I'll be forever grateful for. A huge thank you also goes to our Headline Sponsor, RotaCloud. Without the support of sponsors, it makes it very difficult to run the show.

I'll be back in the summer with more fun and shenanigans from the world of hospitality.


The Guest

Hamish Anderson is the CEO of Tate Enterprises, a diverse business running Tate's commercial activity - Events, F&B, Retail, E Commerce, Publishing, Merchandise, Product & Image Licensing, a coffee roasting business (Coffee by Tate)

The Sponsor

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