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Conversation with Shilpa Ahuja on Acknowledging the Power of a Woman
Episode 198th April 2022 • Mensimah's Round Table: Conversations with Women of Power and Grace • Dr. Mensimah Shabazz
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Shilpa Ahuja is a daughter, wife, mom, entrepreneur, and world traveler. She was born in India, raised in Oman, studied Architecture in London and got married in India, and came to the United States. 

She started her career in various Architectural firms where she gained a wealth of experience in commercial retail design, creating prototypical building sets for state-of-the-art Gyms, shopping centers, and retail outfits. Her design philosophy has been that an Architect resides within all of us, it’s her job as an Architect to extract the ideas from a client and transfer that into formulating a good, functional, budget-friendly space. During Shilpa's stint as an Architect, she worked with this Spa brand called Massage Envy to design their franchise locations in CT. In 2010, she and her husband were looking to do more with their lives, looking for a challenge, since she was designing Massage Envy, they were able to get some great insight from these owners, their backgrounds, and how they started their business and that led them into becoming Massage Envy franchisees. They now own 2 locations in CT. They have both been hands-on in the business and have built a wonderful team that is now running the locations, giving them time to develop and pursue new business opportunities, and the diversification of business and investment portfolios.

When Shilpa's daughter decided to go to Florida State University in 2021 they followed, and relocated their home base to Florida and are in the process of developing four locations of The Joint - Chiropractic Place in Tampa, Florida. 

Shilpa's ultimate spiritual goal in life is to be one with God. In Hinduism, we believe that A human being is not merely a body made from flesh and blood. There is the presence of a divine spirit which is generally known as SOUL (ATMA) or SELF which is a smaller part of the supreme being, God. At the end of life, this soul wants to go meet and be one with the All-mighty. This is called Moksha, being one with God! To achieve this goal, she lives her life by practicing to be a good human being, by living a conscious life, practicing mindfulness, being positive, and being grateful for everything I have been blessed with. 

Our conversation focuses on:

- Sharing our beautiful stories

- The architect in all of us

- Recognizing strengths in our partnerships

- Being a good human

- The legacy of our parents

- Women exemplars

And much more...


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