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P is Also for Payments and (Credit Card) Processing with Jim Luff and Kris Lance
Episode 7384th October 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Dial P regulars know that when you ‘dial p’ you get procurement - usually. But sometimes, p is for payments and credit card processing. Keeping in mind that one company’s payments become another company’s cash flow is absolutely critical in today’s hyperconnected supply ecosystems. All procurement professionals need to know how multiple forms of invoicing and payment work – and how they can support all suppliers’ desire to get paid sooner.

In this month’s episode of Dial P for Procurement, Kelly Barner and Scott Luton are joined by Jim Luff, Marketing Manager at Chosen Payments, and Kris Lance, Senior Director at Una. They answered all of our questions about how payment processing works, including credit card payments, chargebacks, and contactless payments.

During a conversation recorded live with the full participation of the Supply Chain Now ‘skybox’ audience, Jim and Kris answer questions such as:

• The basics of payment processing in the context of corporate procurement and supply chain.

• What happens in practice when a company’s customers take too long to pay them for products and services that have not only already been invoiced, in some cases they have already been delivered

• What chargebacks are, how they work, and what enterprise procurement professionals need to know about them

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