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How To Use Gamification To Motivate Your Team and Increase Performance with Sindre Haaland #036
Episode 3622nd June 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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Sindre Haaland is the CEO and Founder of SalesScreen, the first gamification platform for sales teams.

I first met Sindre at the Sales Development Conference hosted by Tenbound in Austin, TX and as a huge fan of using contests and gamification to motivate teams I knew I had to have him on the show.

We start out by discussing ideas around goal setting then get into the origin story of his company, SalesScreen. From there, Sindre leads us on a journey through the ultimate gamification strategy breaking down all sorts of approaches that you can take and implement immediately. Toward the end of the interview Sindre shares an approach that they’re using to drive revenue outside of using their platform.

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Time Stamps:

[1:00] Sindre’s approach to goal setting and he shares his experience from running hid first half marathon.

[6:00] The origin story of SalesScreen.

[13:30] Is gamification a ‘nice to have’?

[19:00] The 4 Gaming Personality Types: Killers, Explorers, Achievers, and Socializers.

[25:05] Introducing the element of chance into sales contests.

[28:00] How SalesScreen onboards new customers and helps them set up their contest and gamification strategy.

[32:00] How SalesScreen uses SalesScreen in ways that customers don’t do enough. Sindre shares some more advanced approaches.

[35:45] Why more customers get to a point where they are fully leveraging the SalesScreen platform.

[38:45] What SalesScreen is doing besides using their own platform to drive revenue. 

[42:00] Sindre shares how often he actually speaks to customers.

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