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"She Knew It Was Gonna Succeed When She Saw the Portaloos Being Installed" | Dialogues S3 Business Games
Episode 105th April 2023 • Business Games • Business Games Ltd
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Johnny Miller talks about:

  • being influenced by Noam Chomsky,
  • good and bad mainstream journalism,
  • working for Iranian Press TV,
  • propaganda,
  • choosing and turning down stories and projects,
  • working in Syria, Libya, Burma, Africa, …
  • … and Ukraine—especially 2014 Maidan in Kiev, 2014 Anti-Maidan in Donbass, and 2022 Donbass,
  • genuine protests and not,
  • Portaloo availability as protest success predictor,
  • coming under Kyiv shelling in Donetsk,
  • ethnic hatred,
  • the whitewashing of Nazis,
  • being on Mirotvorets "kill list" together with Donbass children,
  • the Western sanctioning of journalists,
  • being careful not to spread propaganda.

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