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THE132: Proving You Can Win Even With All The Cards Stacked Against You
Episode 1325th November 2019 • The Hidden Entrepreneur Show with Josh Cary • Josh Cary
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Going from Section 8 Apartments to a Millionaire with a Side Hustle

Our guest today grew up in Section 8 Housing with a single mother, who found herself in one abusive relationship after another.

From those early days, Anna Kelley told herself she refuses to live like that when she is an adult.

As an adult, Anna set a goal where she can leave her full time corporate job, earn the cash needed to support herself and her family and stay home with her children.

After 16 years of grit and determination (and a side hustle that finally paid off) Anna was able to live her dream! She became a financially successful investor and retired from her corporate job.

Today, Anna is the founder of REImom, a real estate investment coaching and training platform that teaches others how to do exactly what she has accomplished.

This is a truly inspiring story from someone who had all the cards stacked against her.  This is how she did it. And how you can too.

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