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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 14th October 2018
60: Financial Engineering-High Frequency Stock Trader-Nick Sonnenberg
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60: Financial Engineering-High Frequency Stock Trader-Nick Sonnenberg

Nick Sonnenberg earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Finance and Statistics from University of California-Santa Barbara and a Masters in Financial Engineering from University of California – Berkley

[0:45] Nick explains what financial engineering is – basically applying math to the financial market. He was not aware of financial engineering and just kind of fell into it.

[4:00] Worked for a large investment bank doing high frequency trading on many of the stock exchanges.

[4:40] What you need to know to be able to work as a high frequency trader.

[5:35] Nick is now running two companies. One of them is Get Leverage.

[6:16] What has Nick fired up today? – Solving new math problems!

[7:18] Nick tells us a story of success – Within a couple weeks on a new job, his manager left and he became the head of trading in Hong Kong and was trading over a Billion dollars and making fractions of a penny at a time with very high volume.

[10:15] Where to go get information on high frequency trading? Nick highly recommends taking computer science classes and at a minimum python skills.

[11:50] Getting through college.

[15:20] Lightning round, best advice, personal habit for success and parting guidance.

Nick recommends his book “Idea to Execution”.

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