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25 | Ace Virtual Interviews: From Tech Checks to Dress Codes
23rd April 2024 • Elevate Your Career • Nicole McMackin
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In today's episode of Elevate Your Career, Nicole focuses on essential interviewing techniques, particularly for virtual interviews, emphasizing the importance of preparation. She recommends researching the organization and its employees via LinkedIn and social media to understand their backgrounds and values. Understanding common interview questions—like those about weaknesses or handling unexpected changes in project scope — is crucial. Nicole stresses the need to think through these responses beforehand, highlighting the importance of acknowledging weaknesses while also detailing strategies used to address them, demonstrating both self-awareness and proactive problem-solving.

Nicole also explores the technical aspects of virtual interviews. She advises candidates to ensure their technology is tested, usernames appear professional, and backgrounds and attire are suitable for the interview setting. Personal presentation tips include minimal hand movements and controlled speech pace to counteract nervousness. Additionally, Nicole warns against common pitfalls such as using oversized headphones or looking up answers during the interview, as these can be detected by monitoring technologies. She emphasizes making a positive first impression, advocating for a professional and courteous demeanor throughout the interview.

Nicole covers the post-interview phase, encouraging thoughtful engagement with the interviewer by asking insightful questions and avoiding redundancy. She suggests sending personalized thank-you notes to all involved in the interview process, including a direct note to the hiring manager’s supervisor, to stand out as a memorable and considerate candidate. She emphasizes the importance of knowing oneself and seeking alignment with the company’s values, advising against pursuing unsuitable opportunities merely out of necessity. Her guidance aims to equip candidates with strategies to not only succeed in securing the role but also to ensure it is the right fit for their career goals and personal values.

Join Nicole for this fascinating and inspiring conversation!


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • How to thoroughly research a company and its employees using LinkedIn and social media to better understand the culture and values of the organization.
  • The types of questions frequently asked in interviews, such as explaining your biggest weakness or handling unexpected changes in projects.
  • Tips on ensuring your technology works smoothly, presenting a professional background, and dressing appropriately for video interviews.
  • The importance of controlling your speech pace, minimizing hand movements, and being aware of the visual impression you make in a virtual format.
  • How to handle the close of the interview, including what questions to ask that reflect your insight into the role and the company.
  • The best practices for following up after an interview, including the recommendation to send personalized thank-you notes to everyone involved.
  • The significance of knowing yourself and what makes you happy in your career, and the importance of choosing opportunities that align with your values.
  • And so much more...




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