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Positive Thinking in a High Pressure Environment
Episode 2422nd September 2020 • The Art of Leadership • Dr. Niña Ellison
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Positive Thinking 2

As we Think so we lead

Positive thoughts create real value in our lives. When you expand your perspective on positive thinking, new skills and resources enter into your realm of possibilities and increase value to you and those you influence. 

We can learn from this discussion:

1. A Positive thinker is willing to pressure test their purpose in times of crisis

2. Positive thinkers are able to make things happen even in the “pressure cooker” times of high intensity and increased risk

3. Positive thinkers build the kind of trust that elevates the performance of those they influence

4. Positive thinkers demonstrate with words and actions that they have learned that the value of positive thinking is “not about them” but rather the value through positive thinking comes as value is added to others.


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The title of this series in the Art of Leadership is called “As We Think so We Lead.” If you haven’t before, let me encourage you to consider thinking as a self-contained, autonomous activity.  There is and will always be a need for thinkers. Look for me at to discuss ways to advance your own growth as a thinker. As a certified coach I would love to serve as a coach on your journey.