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EP39 Routines and habits for moms
Episode 3911th June 2019 • Motherhood Simplified • Krista Lockwood
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 In this episode I help you understand that difference between schedules, routines, and habits and why they haven't worked for you in the past - and how without you even realizing it probably, how they have. 

I help give you a deeper understanding of why routines matter, how they do the hard work of your life for you and then how to create, implement and stick with them by creating your daily "non-negotiables" and figuring out your "simplifiers". These two things will help you create routines and habits that actually help you and are easy to stick with. 


... the difference between a routine and schedule

... the difference between a routine and a habit

... How to create your daily non negotiable tasks, and your simplifier habits to support those tasks

... how to utilize routines and habits even when life changes and nothing stays the same


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