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Racine County Jane Doe | Peggy Lynn Johnson Schroeder
Episode 1921st February 2021 • Crimeatorium • Madeline
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Back in 1994, an 18 year old woman walked into a medical clinic in McHenry, Illinois seeking help. Her mother had just died, leaving her all on her own, with no other family to turn to. This young woman was cognitively impaired and vulnerable, living on the streets, alone. At the clinic, she met a 54 year old registered nurse named Linda LaRoche. LaRoche recognized right away that this young woman was impaired and took her into her own home in McHenry, a suburb of Chicago. LaRoche told her that she would help her get her high school diploma and provide her with room and board, what she asked for in exchange, was for her to be a housekeeper and a nanny to her children. This young woman has a name, Peggy Lynn Johnson. She had no way of knowing that she was about to lose her dignity and freedom in life and her identity in death. This is the story of the Racine County, Jane Doe.

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