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The Natural Healthcare Network - Deb MacLeod 3rd February 2020
pH Balance with Romina Melwani, Consultant at BioPractica
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pH Balance with Romina Melwani, Consultant at BioPractica

BioPractica Show Notes

I hope you enjoyed the session with Romina Melwani, Consultant at BioPractica (www.biopractica.co.uk). 

If you have any questions regarding the show or if you would like to get in touch with me please send me an email at thenaturalhealthcarenetwork@gmail.com 

Below are links for information we discussed on the show: 

Study from the European renal association : https://www.naturalproductsglobal.com/health-and-nutrition/high-protein-diets-could-set-people-on-fast-lane-to-irreversible-kidney-damage-renal-experts-warn/

To sign up and register with BioPractica go to: https://www.biopractica.co.uk/practitioner-registration/ 

PRAL Table and ressources links for the ABC of pH assessment: https://www.biopractica.co.uk/practitioner-resources/ph-balance/

For any health related questions, they can email us on the following: health@biopractica.co.uk 



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Deb MacLeod