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Prayer 2021 - January 22 - The Open Door
Episode 2222nd January 2021 • Study in Prayer • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture of the Day:   

Psalms 84:8

“Hear my prayer, Lord God Almighty; listen to me, God of Jacob.”

 The Open Door

As you praise God in your prayer time and speak of all His marvelous works, you faith will begin to rise up on the inside of you. This opens the door to receiving the Blessings for God into your life.

If you honor God with the words of your mouth, Faith grows. Your faith grows. This means, as your faith grows on the inside of you, the POWER of FAITH starts to become more active in your life. What does that do?

You begin to walk in the power and authority that Jesus gave you. In Luke 10:19, Jesus told His disciples (and us), “Look, I’ve given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I believe if Jesus said something belongs to ME – then it belongs TO ME and no devil in hell is going to stop it. Amen!  That’s what that verse says, doesn’t it?

The question then becomes, “How do we walk in that authority??

Through the development of the POWER OF FAITH within us.

Let me ask you this question…

If you wanted to bench press 300 pounds, and you have never lifted weights before, how successful do you think you would be the first time you tried to lift those weights?

Not very, right?

What do you do?

You start with lower weights. A LOT lower…maybe 100 pounds (if you have to). Every day, or every other day, you continue to lift those lower weights. Maybe 10 reps the first couple of times is all you can do. Then, you notice you can do 15 reps. Then 20. Then 30.

What happens then?  You increase the weight, maybe to 120 pounds. Then, you can only lift 10 reps again. You continue at this weight until you see the number of reps go up and up.  You repeat his process, on a consistent basis. After awhile, you find you are lifting 200 pounds. Then 250 pounds and ultimately, after working at it for some time – you hit your goal of 300 pounds! Praise God!

There will be times when the Power of God and Anointing of Jesus will come up you immediately and deliver miraculous results to deal with an immediate, demonic threat - just like a 120 pound mother lifting a 2000 pound car off of her baby – adrenaline kicks in and you can do “mighty works,” amen!

But, go back to that mother a week later, a day later or even an hour later – and she will be unable to budge that car.  That’s what I’m talking about. 

Training.  You need consistent training to develop the Power of Faith that works within you. And you do that by consistent time in the Word and in prayer. And in PRAISING GOD for the mighty works He is doing within you.

All of these things, working together, will make you into a mighty warrior of God. All of these things, working together, will keep those open doors of blessings flowing in your life and you will be able to impact those around you in Godly ways. Amen!

I want to pray for you right now to begin your daily workouts in Faith. This study in prayer is just one element of, what should be, your daily routine of working out in and around and with the Word of God. Amen!

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